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frequently asked questions

05/08/2015 07:03

different cristals

in response to sky lover on the guest book   I think I have told the different qualities observed many times, I redo it that is fine, perhaps it is a good place yes to tell it once and for all, about the first four cristals that are useful as obolix   other cristals will have to be...


20/08/2012 03:56

questions from Jan - august 2012

1. Would an Obolix constructed with cristal glass work too? What would be the difference in function ? 2. Does the part of the Obolix which is covered with the metals need to be in the Sunlight too ? Or could i say bury it? 3. I already have two Energie Kegel at home and i am evaporating...


16/08/2012 23:07

where do I find the components to make an obolix ?

you will find quartz crystals and others in any precious stones shop   the silver and copper wires you will find in any kind of "DO IT YOURSELF" or "art and painting" shop   or order them on internet   the gold sheets you will find pure ones more expensive, but you can...


16/08/2012 22:59

why do we not hear about obolix on main medias ?

because EDIPRESSE is a Rothschild propriety (weapon producers) and all medias are EDIPRESSE and they want you to believe in the climate warming because they want your monney in carbon tax know that the BBC and Hollywood IMMEDIATELY jumped on the obolix and use it since the first presntation...


16/08/2012 22:49

why you do not call them simply "crystals" but obolix ?

because the prisemd rays of the crystals need to be magnetized as they are cut off from their natural base which was connected to the earth's magnetism.   the three nobel metals (gold, silver, copper) replace that natural base and Ea reminds us also of the harmonic code of nobel metals...


16/08/2012 22:43

where do I best place my obolix ?

the best place over all is at 25 meters from soil, so the obolix stands in the ionic sheet of the atmosphere   it electrizes the metal wires and makes the obolix work much better   and allways think that it is the prismed rays that can shine very far around, sunlight powered, as...


16/08/2012 22:34

is obolix and orgonite the same ?

NO   the obolix is an atmospherical cleaner, while the orgonites are energy harmonizers   nothing in common but that the obolix appeared in the wish to produce an orgonite without toxic resine   but the main point was to find a strong cure against the aerosol...


16/08/2012 22:20

can I use other metals ?

you can of course, but it will not be an obolix anymore and you may be sad if your obolix does not work as good as an original one. The base obolix is made of    1. a base quartz crystal, as transparent as possible so it produces the prismed rays with the sunlight 2. a gold...


16/08/2012 22:18

where do I find obolix and can I buy one ?

you may of course ask Ea to make one for you, but he does not recommend it because the price with shipping and handywork would come far too expensive. better you find the materials yourself and make one with your familly and kids, it is amusing and enlightning and so you will learn to "atune" to...