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Date: 26/04/2015

By: The Yeahrights

Subject: Grateful to learn of the obolix

After your discovery was revealed to us through Divine leadingb We prayed that the good people of this world would also learn about the Obolix. It seems people are starting to pay attention to you again. The Obolix is a gift from God, thank you for stewarding this project, and God bless.


Date: 24/04/2015

By: Françoise

Subject: merci Ea

merci EA de cette magnifique invention de l'OBOLIX, nous pouvons dépolluer notre atmosphère, il est intéressant de voir les trainèes s'effacer et de voir les strates de nuages se transformer en sylphides, cela fait des années que je les utilise et c'est très efficace


Date: 19/04/2015

By: Ea

Subject: link to wordpress my blog, bubbledom's blog

voici un lien vers mes articles à propos de l'obolix (hormis ceux d'ici) questions et discussions peuvent s'y tenir

here a link to my articles about the atmospherical cleaner, discussions and questions can be held there, will you send me more videos about your observations please for the obolix community and church of honest people ? ;) CHEERIO


Date: 09/04/2015

By: Ben Dodge

Subject: What I Saw

When my mom and I made the Obolix I was sceptical and bored at first but I do remember when we made it, the clouds above us parted.


Date: 07/04/2015

By: Ea


We are terribly sorry but we have been attacked and the entire llst of all comments on five years since the discovery of the marvelous tool have been erased with no possible way to find them back. This is a terrible shame and a cruel attack against any proof the obolix cleans now since five years our heavens and the life bearing waters, apart from the heavens themselves of course I) All we be pleased to receive here new comments and testimonies. Please do so for the children's knowledge sake. And thank you for your previous hundreds of very nice and beoutiful testimonies we all have dearly apreciated nearly five years long now...