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Date: 26/09/2015

By: Maxime

Subject: comparaison

Bonjour tout le monde, je fait des orgonites depuis 2010, j'ai 3 chembuster aussi. Et je me suis décidé a faire un obolix sur un cristal Vogel a 24 faces aujourd'hui.
Je suis situé a Châteaudun en Eure et Loir (28).
Bon il est posé dans le jardin sa y es.
Je pense que l'obolix est encore plus puissant que mes 3 canons réunit.
Merci EA pour tes connaissances et bonne continuation.


Date: 05/08/2015

By: Pascal

Subject: agissons

Les chemtrails n'ont qu'à bien se tenir...!


Date: 31/07/2015

By: Sky Lover

Subject: Different Crystals

To EA: Could you please explain more the different applications of quartz, rose quartz, citrine, amethyste, aqua aura, etc. for use as obolix'. I have tried many of them but I am unsure which is the best or what combination is best to use.

I would also like to build a medicine wheel. What are the best materials to do it and how strong will it work?

We have very nice skies here lately... but the new chembombs (you can see on sat infrared images well als white plumes or smother that expand stationary or in line with the wind) still can come every some days. I would love to dissolve these too.

All the bright white clouds on sat-infrared images are said to be the reflective chemicals produced and spread artifically. Natural clouds appear dark grey color. Very easy to see the difference.

Thanks so much!


Date: 05/08/2015

By: Ea

Subject: Re: Different Crystals

look on "frequently asked questions" please

for a medecine wheel I used 1 quartz in the middle, 2 amethyst, 2 citrine, 2 smoked and 2 rose quartz all placed on a cupper plate

the rose quartz does not grow in crystal form, it is more like salt and opaque, so it does not give out prismed rays and is useless to clean the atmosphere, allthough some well polished ones may bring about some soothing prismed rays too the rose quartz I see more for inside soothing purposes I guess

to envisage the action arrow you must try to visualize how the prismed rays go up in the atmosphere, they are light and move light speed, when you take your obolix off the prismed rays continue their path in the air and as long they will find a reflecting zone to touch they will continue theur route, sunpowered, you see ? I f you have chems cutted and sliced that still seem to stay it is either because there is no wind to push them into some prismed rays in the area or because the obolix have not all been placed facing south, that is so they connect their rays in the atmosphere

and for the satellite images you used the term "they say" and all the jesuits do is lying, you can bet the white clouds are of purest marvel while the grey are chems left or still chem loaded clouds. the obolix has brought back the marvelous pure white shining and alive water dragons, not grey clouds we had ONLY left before 2010 (when not black or brown or slug like green shitty dead clouds we had


Date: 21/08/2015

By: Sky Lover

Subject: Re: Re: Different Crystals

Thanks EA for your reply.

But you misunderstood me obviously. With grey clouds I meant the representation of natural clouds on -infrared- (!) SAT images, where chamical clouds appear much whiter because of their high reflective artificial particles to block the sun. You can see these very white reflective clouds coming directly out of fresh chemtrails or chembombs while they are sprayed on SAT images (important: switch to infrared mode!!)

Please tell me what part of the obolix has to face south. Maybe I did it wrong.


Date: 16/09/2015

By: Ea

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Different Crystals

what I see is natural cleaned water molecules coming out of the chems sprayed, that is the feats of the amethyst cristals

I prefer my senses to the screens you see ;)

if your cristal has one greater window you turn that one to the south


Date: 23/10/2015

By: Sky Lover

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Different Crystals

Thanks for your information, EA. Especially in the FAQ about the function of the different crystals. This is very interesting for me...

In addition I will experiment with AquaAura soon, too.

I read that modern aircraft do not output much water vapor anymore. Two reasons: Less Kerosene use and more efficient engines for less heat in exhaust (90% bypass air from the fan) so that condensation trails can not happen today anymore. Only if chemicals are dispersed trails can form at all!

Therefore I do NOT think white trails are just water. :)

They can be fluffy and spread to cloud banks covering the whole sky, too.

While other aircraft flying the same route do not put out anything!

Have a nice day!


Date: 25/07/2015

By: françoise

Subject: OBOLIX guérisseur des épandages

un grand merci EA pour cette recherche sur les rayons prismés, depuis que j'ai des obolix, je n'ai jamais vu autant d'insectes, d'abeilles (j'ai une ruche maintenant), d'oiseaux chez moi, j'ai pris de belles photos de nuages transformés en animaux, visages humains, magnifique !


Date: 14/07/2015

By: joffrey

Subject: canada,okanagan

je vie dans une region avec beaucoup agricuture arbre fruitier vignoble et quand les fermiers mettre leur spray chimique je voie des nuage apparaitre juste au dessus de la zone traiter,aussi les dragon deau descende dans les montagne pour recupere tous les metaux envoyer par les chemtrail,je crois que sa marche avec la static, tous revien a la vie jai meme vue des arbre presque mort recuperer tous les bon insecte sont de retour et les moin bon sont de moin en moin actif je suis un ceuilleur de fruit depuis 15 ans je sais de quoi je parle,ici jai placer des obolix depuis 2 ans et le climat est re venue a la normal semblable au annee 1970 mercie de permettre cette accomplicement mondial maintenant nous pouvont respirer, mais comment vont donc t ils justifier leur bourse du carbone maitenant que la polution est quasiment nul. mercie a tous et un bel avenir nous attend car le processus de restauration est enclecher et cela nai qu un debut.paix aux homme et femme de bonne volonté.


Date: 27/09/2015

By: Ea

Subject: esprits de l'infra rouge

merci infiniment pour ton témoignage, car oui, le processus de renaissance de la terre est en cours et les merdias criminels le taisent et font disparaitre toute image du smog qui nous a tous pollué l'existence au vingtième siècle, sans doute pour que les gosses continuent de croire leurs balivernes que toute la terre ne fait jamais que mourir. QUE DE MENSONGES EST PETRIE CETTE MACHINe A DESINFoRMER !!