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Date: 30/04/2017

By: observer

Subject: little update

hi everyone
I just wanted to say the orgonite with the obolix is still doing magic day and night.
Since the spraying got more intense I had to adjust the setup a little. I would recommend atleast 2 quarz and 2 amethyst obolix crystals to use together. I would also recommend the obolisk version of the crystals to have a deeper cleaning effect.
you will see water dragons and cleaning clouds all over. also the clouds could tend to turn a little bit bluish from time to time. depends on humidity I guess.
Atleast I had to add a few more crystals to counter the heavy spraying. Now the trails vanish quite fast again.
Thanks EA again for this discovery.
I hope more and more people will becoming aware whats going on on this planet.


Date: 23/04/2017

By: Devenel

Subject: keep it up

Wow, greetings from Brazil! Keep fighting!


Date: 23/04/2017

By: Ea

Subject: new site for you

I am very touched by all your blessings, thank you, mother earth and the waters bless you all good hearted ones who forged their hearts, you receive the Lord descending on us. As his sacred instant grows the satan rages beware.
To better understand the KRISTOS, the law of life that the cristals also invoke in their healing way for us so the law heals us.

I made another site for others to better understand the harmonic law, scales and rythms are same whatever musics we play and I wanted to show you how LUDUS games could be played ogether even with allready written pieces of musics

A site to rest your head while the satan rages and one trapp after another he puts on my way so as to prove I am him, as he does so and tortures me night and day SOUND PRIMAL VERB EXPERIMENT appeared to counter him

also good ambience movies for blind folks if their friends would be so kind to make them listen

cheers to all, your spirit in the sacred instant to bring and you will find deeper peace every day, not outside the Law of course, we too must invoke the pillars of the soul to be dignified beings in the lights of the Father Love. Heartily embrace to all again


Date: 23/04/2017

By: mhz Ametrine

Subject: blessings

Bless you EA :o) I Love your name :o) Rainbows of Love my friend.


Date: 23/04/2017

By: Lightworker777

Subject: TY

Very good information here! Thank you 4 sharing with us! LOVE & LIGHT


Date: 21/04/2017

By: Tamara

Subject: working wonders

My Pordigious Obolix is working wonders and magic, thank you Ea ♥☼ Tamara


Date: 31/01/2017

By: Tobias

Subject: unglaubliche Hilfe

Gott segne Dich mein lieber Freund. Ich bete für Dich.
Ich danke Dir von ganzem Herzen für all deine unglaublich wertvolle Arbeit und unglaubliche Hilfe für unsere Mutter Erde.
Vor allem unsere Mutter Erde dankt Dir. Sicherlich am meisten.

Bleibe gesund. Beste Grüße Dir. Tobias


Date: 20/09/2016

By: the mad beekeeper

Subject: the teachings of love

Oooo big EA oooo the great creator oooo the love sender ooo the unificator

you EA are the greater creator, you are pure love on earth, with your work we'll never be dereated , we'll never be slaves
our heart is free and will always be...

we'll keep developing the tool, we'll keep teaching the youth how to be free...

try to put some amber powlder betwuin the gold and the cristal, it is very pizoelectric ;-)

we always will love you EA, THANK YOU EA from the bottom of our hearts


Date: 01/11/2016

By: Ea

Subject: teachings of love

thank you... I am deeply touched


Date: 13/09/2016

By: Martino

Subject: aus Südhessen

Guten Tag, Ich bin seit etwa 2 Monaten dabei und versuche jeden Tag aufs neue dem Himmel sauber zu bekommen :) Der Obolix hat mich
erst richtig davon überzeugt. Bei mir in der Umgebung werden es immer mehr die es langsam verstehen ;)
Gruß aus Südhessen