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A Dream Come True

08/11/2017 09:18



A long held dear a dream for me since ages and that only finally coulod appear this year.

The synthesis of all musics left behind to the tribes so we could gather them one happy day and they could see they never had been separate


The gathering constantly hijacked by all the same glorious constantine the slug emperor who forced his face unto the redeemer in ano 600 at the Nicea council and established the bible version you now still know, th christians most ferocious butcher who forced his dement face unto the teacher the first christians called Kristos in ancient greek, the anointed by the Law of Life, Isa was his name and still remained in the muslim Quran.

Logos, consciousness, kristos : seven scales for seven lights, seven qualities for a balanced spirit and a dignified human being.

The progressions and evolutions of the musics we can see and hear together now, a new dimension for music I opened because the time was ripe and necessity to defend my constantly attacked mind I used that time to bring together music tracks that play together and were meant to be heard together as DNA stripes and waves that flow through space and times, the divine geometries of the lights, the highwaters pf ocean of compassion, the waters from above who give their geometries to the waters below, these receive the patterns and beings start to emerge on worlds. 

Because scales are scales and rythms are tempos  when they say the same I placed them togethe so you may FEEL that music is energy and energy is spirit. here the energies of the kristos, hopefully we reconnected to the holy Law as the dement one rages loosing grip and hold on this world, defend yourselves from the rage of this ocean of crime that is his expanded spirit on us, do not be afraid while he is void, he can only mesmerize you in your mind that separates from ocean of compassion. Satan and jesus figure are one and the same as he places himself as intermediary between our loves so as to eat them up, keep them warm and compacted in you, our joys and bounties he cannot stand and we dont care of his abyssal greed, emptied he is of my love forever the indignous son (read Children of the Ages)

SOUND PRIMAL VERB experiment made as a tool for those who do not know how to protect their minds and do not know how to make the void in their thoughts. To listen to music is a simple way to focus your spirit to hold still in your sacred instant.

Simply click on the tracks calmly one after the other, take your time to listen well, these pages are sonoral paintings, they are made to heal, not to force too many pages of vibrations into your body's waters at a time, if the page has four or five tracks take the time to listen to them separately and two per two, discover marvels after marvels ;)


a master tool as important as the obolix can be, here you may hear what the silence contains and watch the musicians be connected in the living lights. A tool also for children to HEAR abd understand what music really is and how it is mathematical and alive and constructive for the spirit to align to the dwelling of Lord Love deep down in our hearts. Sentiment is of the divine soul, not the dement mind

Also the site is a tool for blind people, make them marvel in these sonoral paintings please if you have blind friends, they will tell you best what SOUND PRIMAL VERB experiment really brings to you

comments VERY welcomed dont be shy please ;)


hope you will enjoy