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good spots and intent

03/11/2016 19:44

I guess I said this long ago, but as a reminder it is quite crucial because it has to do with what the cristals tell themselves as free creatures. We have only taken them out of their natural habitat, they had decided to exist in acccord with the Law of Life and the Love of the creator, we do not own them. Perhaps we got so accustomed to possess things because we must buy them and then we remember the effort it took us qo aquire. Let us look at how that strange alienation happened and we go back to the cristals. Once there were no goods, because everything was shared, for survival, health and fun. Then some lazy freaks arrived with a very cool god at their side and they proposed you to exchange your goods against some piece of uneatable gold. And you found the gold beoutiful so you agreed, but you did not realize that you just had accepted to transform all living beings in "buyable goods". The funnyboys immediately enlarged your stupidity in mobile and immobile goods, so now even your house became a buyable "good" and you as a number in offices and screens even your person had become a "good". You were born so many times in this circus that your mind has adopted it with no restraint, you even feel a drill to be superior if you own a worthless dollar more then your neighbopur. The funnyboys inventing the "goods" IN YOUR MIND took control of your entire life, you now constantly ask yourself what you own them when they take more off from you everyday that passes so incredibly senseless is the foundaion on which they fed from all of us.

Read "Children of the Ages" to see how you can easely step out of their game, all happens inside of you and a many things we have been tought reverse. A neat example is if I ask you if really it is the fire that burns the wood. You will tell me of course and that is why it is seen as a destructive force, right ? that is what we have been tought, the truth is it is the wood that gives us it's LIFE FIRE, it's warmth and light the creator gave to each heart of it's cells. Remember how you can start a fire when you have nothing else to do so : two woods, one hard the other smooth and you rubb the harder into the smooth, the warmth will open up the woods and show the light of one of it's infinite cores. In industrial madness it has become that we should go into space because the machine made the world inhabitable when the human being is made to bring the heavens down on earth and keep the balance in between. Aligned shakrs to call the seven qualities on us as the cristal shines the prismed rays, it's way of houting out and sing the Law of Life it was made.

All this said you now see that your obolix is not a possession or a good because you had to buy the cristal and the metals, it is a creature and I pointed out that it is somewhere part of the exercise making obolix to find the correct spots where THEY fit perfectly in and where you feel it is the perfect spot to stay for the cristal, cracks and holes in rocks they seek.

  The cristals stand in our dreams as most marvelous appearances right ? But you stand also in the dream of the cristals way longer you could even grasp, you are the hands that permit the creature to be placed where it dreamed to shine with the sun. You have complete and vital connections to the cristals as they exist also in miniatures of molecules building your body  ;)

It is part of the exercise for us to let the obolix go, to leave them to live their lives, like children that had grown and wanted to fly now with their own wings, if you keep them inside for fear for them you blok the natural healing wave that can bring the cristal to it's spot. Ok ? You will say perhaps it would cost you way too much to let them in the open at risk of being stolen. If you have only money to make one obolix keep it with you, you will transport a traveler ;) and bring prismed rays on grounds the higher placed cannot attain ;)


Placing an obolix in open air to let it free whatever then can happen to it is part of learning to let go and as such a deep lesson the cristal gives to you in return of having enhanced it and respected the natural function it had dreamed to accomplish, it will be it's own life. Do not think such stones have not the powers to defend themselves when placed in correct function and in that joy and if some day somebody takes it to another place then perhaps it was the cristal itself that chose to move further on.


To place an obolix like this is then an act of generosity for us, a very good exercise to relinquish what we want to hang to, detachment the obolix asks for eternal friendship and we may heal from that stupid game learned that transformed us all in "goods*, thatthen even pushed you to want to be a "bad", endless black magic.


And the more the tool is known of course and spread through landscapes the lesser people there would be to take them away because they found "a strange treasure" if they know what the tool is for they will only rejoice at finding one and then leaving it to work.


Nearly unaccessible places you will still find with ease if ou listen carefully to combine the form of your obolix and visualize the spot. Then you do not visualize anything actually, but you receive the vision of the cristal's dream and you will recognize the spot at first sight. Be in a wave connected to your obolix. It is like a marvelous offering we can do to mother earth and father Love and bring back to freedom some of the nature the industrial machine rapes pff to sell.





Children of the Ages, as ebook free