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prismed rays

20/09/2011 02:58

We know not much of prismed rays


actually we know nothing at all and it is quite a discovery to see the frequence they contain

for the quartz obolix to be able to restore the natural climate when it comes out of balance


its frequence is the precise arc of colours that the water prisms too, same spirit, same intent


thunder, snow, waves and rainbows, all possible ways for water to clean herself in the air


so we see, so we testify


the amethysts probably clean in the ultra violet and the citrine int he infra red, so to cover the whole range of frequency

but what do we know about their precise functions in the light and in nature ?


does the sunlight interract with the ozone ? yes


does the sunlight come to the obolix to get out as prismed rays loaded by earth's magnetism

and do they interract with the ozone as it is known ozone battles all toxins ?


all rests to be explored, we see the obolix just simply LIFTS ANY SMOG AWAY


a pity so many people talk themself out of simply TRYING


because it is a fact the obolix cleans the atmosphere of ANY smog, liberates the water molecules and brings a crystal clear air back to us, landscapes as those of the beginning of the world.


You do not believe me ? Good, then try to be sure of your belief ;)


and the toxins do not fall quicker on the soil, the heavy metals DISAPPEAR


that is for the eye, they are transformed so it seems, cleaned, purified, the air is again so incredibly pure to breathe at days


after one year of obolixation the lemanic region has got 20% more fruits in all domains !! nature is jubilating in the prismed rays !!


so the different colours, the frequencys are able to recognise and harmonise matters out of the planes they should not be 




again we know very little on how atoms interact

we barely have mental pictures of the game  


we forget all is intelligent and sensible much to often


all is hydrogen intelligence, give it the name you want or received or believe is the right


all is hydrogen intelligence singing Love's name


perhaps the death cult made us so damn blind, don't you think ?  ;)