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Amethyst wonders

12/10/2012 03:45

New materials being chemtrailed, fluffy white stuff some say it is phosgene gaz... a horror


leaving our cleaned skies again under toxic mud


12 planes a minute certain days here


the quartz obolix do clean these new materials, but slowly


amethyst obolix come to rescue ;)  it works, as they awoke the obviously living water dragons for us to see


you may paint them flat in your mind and call them "clouds" while they soar above our head, white shining, pure as a mountain source, joyfull as freed beings


but water is intelligent we learned, giving us our conscience, so are the clouds


and the amethyst obolix reveals itself capable of dislodging these new materials


use very transparent ones so they may produce clear prismed rays


an entire other range of colors then the ones produced by the quartz


see "endless waters" on youtube to see what the different crystals do with a single light ray



be quick, phosgene gazes block the red cells to deliver the oxygen to our organs

pure sulfure does the opposite    


two spoons a day in water   ;)   and be quick to make some amethyst obolix


cheerio Ea