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british media thieves

09/05/2012 23:18

The bristish media, immediately, when I sended out the first videos of presentation of the new tool, in autumn 2010, tried and used the obolix since then


they never said anything about the discovery, leaving masses to the lobotomy of the weapon producers


but on the whole globe the obolix is now used


the smog is nearly a thing of the past on this world


but they continue to vomit their stupid warming theory that has been outruled since long, just to finance the depopulation agenda that stays as sole and unique "vision" for the future of humanity


we do not thank them for their wonderfull images they have robbed from life itself leaving their souls to darkness as they leave the obolix in unconsciousness of the masses


we wish and pray they recover dignity


and tell the children about the end of the smog on earth and the prodigious tool that was given them freely


that does not mean they do not have to respect the giver


earth and the waters are alive and nothing, not a drop of consciousness, is ever forgotten, water is the spirit and the obolix shows its healing might 


TRY it, especially if you doubt !!  


so you may SEE