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can I use other metals ?

16/08/2012 22:20

you can of course, but it will not be an obolix anymore and you may be sad if your obolix does not work as good as an original one. The base obolix is made of 


1. a base quartz crystal, as transparent as possible so it produces the prismed rays with the sunlight

2. a gold sheet

3. a silver wire

4. a copper wire

5.aluminium wire

6. base metal wire


or you place them as coins in opposite order as a pyramid with the quartz on top


keep it to the three nobel metals for little obolix and bijoulix to wear, even then the copper might be too much (the first I made took all the lead out of my teeth in a week !! so be carefull ;)


for the bigger obolix standing in plain nature or on the roof of your houses add aluminium and base metal, without them the obolix will not work properly

the five metals are like the five fingers of a hand holding the crystal


the cleaning effect is really enhanced by them

and the five metals aligned in that order reproduce the basic metals forming earth, aluminium and base metal are the two main components of earth's crust


the range of five metals allways softer, from iron to gold, slow down the elctrons that so can magnetize the crystals and the prismed rays they produce