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different cristals

05/08/2015 07:03

in response to sky lover on the guest book


I think I have told the different qualities observed many times, I redo it that is fine, perhaps it is a good place yes to tell it once and for all, about the first four cristals that are useful as obolix


other cristals will have to be explored by others so much i am ruined, I cannot even afford anymore a 20 pence cristal


I have entirely riuined myself to show the obolix works dispending hundreds of obolix to different people from all continents, up to the Himalayas

anyway here we go


quartzz cristals dissolves smog of heavy metals, transcending entirely the lead contained in the atmosphere


amethysts transcends gazes into water molecules


smoked cristals get their colour by absorbing atomic radiation, worked in Fukushima, but NOT what is thrown in the ocean, one has to wait the radioactivity comes up in the atmosphere back


citrines seem to open to the moon and the sun when cloudy, probably working in infra red



here you go


some other news, a bad one, our map has been erased now


perhaps it will be possible to get it returned, the administrator who lost the memories of his client's maps is not sure




bad news indeed for obolix lovers and proof less of the five years work of the tool and its expansion even if not all obolix were mentioned on our map, now many people making obolix without even knowing where it came from


very sad for me