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is obolix and orgonite the same ?

16/08/2012 22:34



the obolix is an atmospherical cleaner, while the orgonites are energy harmonizers


nothing in common but that the obolix appeared in the wish to produce an orgonite without toxic resine


but the main point was to find a strong cure against the aerosol bombardments and the crystals only waited to show the functions of the primsed rays. because the obolix works with the SUNLIGHT and uses the means waters use to clean themselves IN THE AIR.

The crystals seem small in comparison to the skies, but think that the obolix is a bridge, the light comes from the sun or the stars and goes back up in prismed rays form

that is the great discovery made by Ea (Lusor Joculator basiliensis, also named dombadil or Dominik Vöchting) 


of course we may combine orgonite and obolix so as to place the metal wires in an orgonite so you will not have to remake them each year.


for a comparison point


at Quebec city the prgonauts would use 300 CBs and 600 TBs to clean the smog


in Rome Ea used only three obolix were needed, evne placed near the same spot