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it is a BATTLE in our skies

22/09/2012 02:02

I urge all to make new obolix and not to stand in doubt when seeing your skies sometimes cover themselves up with the sinister chemicals bombarded on us each day nearly at a rate of 12 flying spitters a MINUTE

it happen also Gilles wanted to explain to us that the magnetism of earth changes all the time and levels of vibrations are rising this we all know


it brings not constant uprising but stadiums to dwell on


when the vibrations change the crystals adjust he says and it might be


what I see is that you need three days for the obolix to form a complete pattern of prismed rays with the landscape  before they work to their complete extend, which sunpowered and as long the ray find reflecting surfaces they move on


we have brought the obolix now nearly everywhere it seems, anywhere where people will be intelligent enough to think about their own future and children, to ;)


the two obolix at 4000 meters were taken off what a pity, then they apeared again after four days of sickening skies, as if a battle was raging up the mounts, the chems were finally cleaned up, by these placed in valleys but mostly the neurotoxics were touching our noses and then you have to have a little one at proximity to clean the air just round yourself and bitterly see the wter dragons drown again int he toxic mud


at least the heavy metals will help you see even better the magnificent function of the obolix


the bijoulix one can wear do not the same job as half of their body is giving light inside of us not in the air  ;)


we have since the beginning in early summer 2010 days when humidity does stop or diffract the prismed rays that the cleaning takes much longer


every day is different of course


and the obolix do not bring deepest, purest blue skies only, they restaure the climates by freeing the different particles of either water molecules or toxins


the latter regrouping and vanishing while the water molecules start to danse white and pure moving higher up mostly in alive water dragons we are used to call cumulo nimbus


but now we know they are alive as water is conscious, we MUST help them, be of that wonderfull journey because it is


it is not a joke we are telling you here, you may witness it in endless waters I posted on my youtube channel



and all TV screens I look at I see obolixed skies 


so the obolix went around the world, a pitty the many do not tell them the fix ones they place perhaps they simply cannot and this we understand ;)  our map does not pretend to show all obolix made but it gives us an idea of how rapidly the progression of the cleaning goes


but perhaps hte obolix like to dance who knows  ;)




but think that the clouds need fix paterns to be as THEY move and if you forget to turn their big face south then there might be gaps between the cathedrals of light the criystal draw


may you find a lot of happyness and joy and hope in the incredible discovery


if you do not BELEIVE because you like to believe many things then you MUST try  ;)


and may I wish righteous peace and joy and warmth of heart to all who did and could not say, we see your works in just so many skies we could not tell, so I say all the skies (even chinese television shows beautifull cleaned up skies, it is a page of time we turn together as you allow ;) THANK YOU SAYS MOTHER EARTH, THANK YOU SAY THE SMILING WATER DRAGONS, THANK YOU SAY I INMIDST OF CONSTANT TURMOIL as to see how neary all the obolix I've done have been moved to other places, but these on our maps are all announced obolix and the progression did rise around the world like mad  I))   GREAT




Ea- les Cullayes 20 sept 2012