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new materials bombarded ?

23/09/2012 22:23

it seems to me that new materials, better holding n the light of prismed rays are chemmed in latter days


some fluffy stuff the obolix cleans but only in a many hours


anyone has news about such new materials bombarded ?


would be cool to say so if we need to run again against new plagues put on us


but for this to happen I would need the components chemmed now


yes fluffy white disgusting stuff, reaczing differently to the obolix, they become like wool and are dislodged but VERY slowly


and for the time being i lemanci regions there are not enough obolix to counter these new attacks


at a rate of nearly 12 bombers a MINUTE !!!


a sheer WONDER now that sooo many people still do not see what is done to them


please take contact with me if you have any news on these new materials being sprayed on our heads