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10/11/2011 00:00

A wonderfull idea just emerged from our friend Dumuzi in Chicago... absolutely great

his psirit cought it in the waters themselves, they have jumped to his brain lo

this winter we will try to make huge obolix in... ICE OF COURSE

the most obvious mostly needs years and years for us to see lolol

allways actually ;)

we will try to melt them to crystal-shape them with small blowtorches

like the anunaki made it with the stone

or other experiments... like making forms that could receive water and be freezed

this will be astounding !! Great !! thank you again Dumuzi 

because we will learn a lot  ;)

and OF COURSE IT WILL WORK !! absolutely great


it will have to be absolutely transparent to work

ice is indeed




here his mail

Actually I was planning on forging an Obolix crystal of ice when winter came, as an experiment and see it if would work, perhaps "Ice Obolixes" will be a thing of the winter.... You did say that glass may not work as well because it's not as "close to the waters and nature as quartz".... So I figured what if I make a crystal that's literally "the waters" XD... since I have a hard time finding a solid crystal!!!!!!! >:( I hope it will work :D