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orgone pearl

18/12/2017 13:34

Here now a new tool that will prove itself not only very powerful but practical for your pocket to keep with you


the principle used is the precise opposite then the obolix that opens up the white light into it's seven healing rays


the orgone pearl and it's sacred geometries canalize ALL the enrgies present in a space and bind them together and thus bring them back to their primal source, ocean of compassion. th orgone pearls are powerful, be careful what you put into them


most powerful are they apparently just in clay, the more materials you put into them will place a "signture" to the currents bundled, you see ? we can apply orgone pearls to medecine placing herbs into different orgone pearls so the plants can bring their structured energies into the fields created


they are really agreable to make and the decorations will also play thrir part in the energy fields bundled


discover the new tool and how to use it on youtube :  Ea's orgone pearl