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questions from Jan - august 2012

20/08/2012 03:56

1. Would an Obolix constructed with cristal glass work too? What would be the difference in function ?

2. Does the part of the Obolix which is covered with the metals need to be in the Sunlight too ? Or could i say bury it?

3. I already have two Energie Kegel at home and i am evaporating vinegar. Does any of the two mess up the Obolix functionality ? 

4. If i already have one Obolix at my home. Would the effects be much greater if i get another one and place it just next to the first one?


1. YES indeed !! Michael's obolix in huge diamond shape is made of glass and he tells us it works perfectly

    but it must be shaped in crystal forms as to produce the prismed rays

the difference between glass and crystal is that we made the glass and that earth made the crystals... so the intention must be clearer drawn by earth  ;)  waters just need magnetized (orgonized) prismed rays to free themselves and compact the smog in darkest clouds that vanish, these effects seem the same with michael's glass obolix


2. You can burry it yes, i started also like this   ;)  

    and to place it into an TB type orgonite is also well done, then you don't have to renew your obolix

    it is good for the ones we place in high altitude and will not be able to remake


3. I))  funny question  ;)  well about the vinegar I would suggest to stop to spray vinegar on your neighburs, it just must not be very confortable for them As for the obolix... you will ruin the nobel metals rapidly if you throw vinegar on them !!  I))

I thought the vinegar is also waters... so the vinegar drops also produce prismed rays and this ight be the reason it functions... i did not try the wy  I))  I prefer to eat it up I))  anyway, the obolix is WAY easier to apply  ;))


4. Each crystal will produce a certain amount of prismed rays with the sun or starlight

    so if you double the obolix of same size you doube the amount of prismed rays, see ?  ;) 


never forget each day is a different gift of Love allmighty, the obolix restores the climate, not make it ideal for all and each day remains different, but the prismed rays of the obolix really MAKE THE SKY PURE AND ALIVE AGAIN

let us be gratefull of such a marvel for our planet and who knows... we should bring obolix to Mars... get the waters out of their dust trap... the whole waters must be in the air !! If it is the case the obolix will free them !! and rain wil pour down on Mars again !!


do i go too far ? I do not think so while witnessing the marvels produced by the prismed rays


hopefully we learned about the qualities of the seven colors before the obolix appeared because otherwise the shock in awe could have been too much to bear