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the poor's obolix

18/11/2016 23:47

We know that in some places people do not even can afford to buy a cristal and will for this renounce trying to make an obolix


but remember if it get out of your attention that our friend Dumuzi in Chicago made his first obolix with a diamond shaped glass and it worked perfectly


you may thus use pieces of glass of white bottles and even if you roll only iron around it a simplified obolix you will have made and it's magnetised prismed rays will still help


try to brake the glass in elongated forms so it is parent to a cristal form


Glass is made of sand melted with lead and sand is made mostly of quartz, mountain rocks crushed in the rivers to always smaller bits and to be afined completely in the oceans and strand under your feet


that is why a glass obolix works as effectively as a cristal, glass IS quartz cristal, but you need the cutted edges so it's prismed rays get outside the glass piece



or even you could find that green glass or other colors bring other effects in our skies, who knows


make experiences and if you can give us news good hearted ones