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the QIAO tool

20/11/2017 12:19

November 2017, the QIAO just appeared


two objects combined, a taurus and a cone together as they should be. Perfect symbol for balance between the sexes and their complementarity. The object needed a name. Qiao means bridge as well as junction or affective link. The qiao is a earth-heaven bridge. I feel it as soothing and apeasing, but alsothat it generates some harmonic energies bringing earth's magnetism to join with the heaven's magnetisms and lights. Qiao also means in chinese leaked or elevated so the word was overall indicated.

Many experiments we will be able to do with that tool and toinderstand exactly what it provides us. To do them in orgonite or granit or explore orgonite-way made qiao with clay, mixing elements or clean and plain clay feels good.


On their taurus to inscribe prayers or wishes or constructive words could be made, or simply explore the sacred geometries and if you feel your qiaos differently


great ones in piézoelectric granit certainly generate energy in a harmonious way


to test, to deepen


the taurus center hole should be as large as it's profile, the cone adapted so the taurus so it is not too high or too low on the cone



presentation videos here

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