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try in Fukushima !!

03/11/2011 00:00

I observed that the prismed rays of the different crystals are not the same


it seems naïve a statement, but actually I have never heard anyone say this  ;)


but as the quartz gives forth a prefect range of colours, lets say the basic range of the six primary colours in the birghtest way there is, the smoked crystals emit another range of rays. These are much more funky colours really :)) like happy pinks and lemon-greens in large varietys.


it seems like a childish game in fact I agree , whenever we forget that NOTHING in nature exists without a cause and a deep sense


and when I say nature I mean the before-existing nature than the appearance of the babylonian machine that teaches death is  more viable then life. very strange when you really think about it. Any way you want, you are free, that is not the question here.


i learned from an elder crystal searcher in the alps that the smoked ones, the brown ones, take their colour from the absorption of RADIOACTIVITY... but they are not much more radioactive then a quartz i guess as we do not get sick in their presence, they ABSORB RADIOACTIVITY actually... take a breath and think about the statement...


well so it means this quality is written in the prismed rays they emit !!









Since months now I have placed different smoked crystals too and we seem to have no trace of radiation levels upgrade


WIth the cleaning abilitys and wonders the obolix bring about in the skys and in their absolutely certain quality to restore the climates when disturbed by air pollution, smog or aerosol bombardments, the obolix are perfectly LIQUEFYING ALL TOXICS which have not their place in the atmosphere, it is a certain fact today, after one year of constant exposure to the prismed rays of the obolix, the results in the lemanic region =


20% fruits more, not seen since 28 years

the Ferat fish and the Perche have doubled their familys in the Leman lake,

they also apreciate the pure rains

all nature is in joy 

the vegetations have shown a sparkle they had not since long


and they could visibly better combat the sicknesses that have befallen them since years, especially the dryness of the summers has vanished this year 

pure waters poured down in rains nearly every day in spring and summer with long dry afternoons like in elder times I remember very well so delicious a climate in summer


the whole nature was exulting by each new obolix placed and the birds allways rejoice 


but we are a few to look that the region stays covered  ;)


a very visible joy in the pure white clouds, i cannot describe it in another more precise way, so incredile somtimes the clouds appear, old women and young ladys in elegant robes and giants and whales and jelly dragons and yes, even elephants and frogs, but only when the obolix is on the TV tower of Mount Pèlerin, at 25 meters from the ground, then it covers the whole region and four bigger citys the clouds take so incredible forms it is just an amazement and the smogs and dirty clouds just vanish from sight before our very eyes, just try and look right where you are !!


thousand creatures float, liberated by the prismed rays, over our heads each day, be aware that the waters are alive !! And they know secrets we have long forgotten. Make obolix to permit them to appear and free themselves from the toxic mud that is sprayed in the atmosphere, be it ony the constant smog in megapoles


In Rome, which had a heavy smog and a brown covered horizon and endless airplanes leaving obscuring shit, we got ridd of it in five minutes, with three obolix. A wonderfull turquoise horizon appeared and white puffy cumulo clouds  sprang out of nowhere. I do not know if they stand still in their place or if they have been robbed away. Try.


Please, for you and your children and that you may see that against the most most terrifying threats and plagues there are medecines  provided by the generous intelligences of LIFE.


But it is up to YOU to use them. Nature needs you, you know ?  ;)