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23/02/2015 20:57

you can now find all base presentation videos of the tool on VIMEO


the channel is simply called OBOLIX


please film while there STILL ARE chemtrails in places to see  ;)


I should have filmed in Rome when the city was CEPIA COLORED so much it was polluted, the children will never believe what we are witnessing as the medias make complete black out of the happening, but it was my last test you see and I had so much the habit of just running under the chemtrails to place obolix in fight against the heavy loads we recieved that I DID NOT EVEN THINK OF IT YET


I actually wanted to go walk through cities to show the tool


then came the chestnut needles accident


four years I am walking through this needle cloud taking them off one per one


the terrible pains would just nail me again on that place where the nice surrounding plagues me since fourteen years  ;)


still come for tourism because they like to show off like touaregs placing habsburgs on their camels... or something... anyway



that is why you now have these videos to see


all the better perhaps, just that I was nailed the same as my hands in needles, on the same place fourteen years long while all false prophets wanted to be me and a whole country talked in my place


well, the chestnut needles they certainly would not want nor the endless plagues since I opened my mouth for direct democracy


and still NO !! you will NEVER see me as a planetary dictator, just never, ok ? you do not make me the insult to forget it is the flowers and the trees and the shining and flowing alive waters I like and all fauna I helped, apart from reconstructing your entire psyche out of sheer necsessity, because I did not follow any precise goal, but wanting the truth about myself in this endless judgment against man


I had reluctantly to defend myself against unjust attacks  and am completely ruined by now so you all prophets stop tell I am linked or paid by the higher gods of underground or something because I am completely ruined as you entombed me all alive


may the good hearts rest assured of my complete serving purposes in MY love's will and my endless gratitude for your loves, because I am exactly the same and will not waver on the fact that I will allways witness to be alive because of all your bounties


the father wants to join himself with the cosmos outside our little vehicle, but all is HIS, even our drop of consciousness we bring back to him, great ocean of compassion



know the master of the house has his siege in your heart and you find him when you make your spirit humble enough to condense right down to him


another tool for you all



the others do not know what I mean  ;)


if you let your spirit wander so far and let dilute it in the vast and dark space of ignorance then it becomes all dark of course




when you condense your spirit it becomes the more luminous and if you get to the point where your spirit is so much compacted it lightens up like a star


in the Love of our Father rising and who makes everything BOUNTIFULL and BEOUTIFUL exist, because we are mere expressions of the Lord, may we be willing to learn it or not


like the Hindus shilder, out of the one Brahman comes the first duality, the one of the mind, of the spirit



creation and wisdom, Vishnou


and the second Kali, destruction and ignorance


that is only an observation, not a belief


funny anyway to see that all spiritualities actually talk about observations and are systematically changed to belief systems and rituals



we just cannot walk both paths at once, we choose


all not able to get out of the Brahman in any way



so the ignorant tells himself  : - So i forget everything about my spirit and I am free of all this bullock !!


so the way to Kali, yes



and he eats all legions up to bring them back to the Brahman as krishna would tell


without spirit, the lost son


that is how some never have advanced an inch while raging and colonising the entire planet


and others advanced watching into worlds while sitting in a kitchen




cheerio, embrace and HAIL THE WATER DRAGONS !!!




and to show you how the kitchen expanded visit