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where do I best place my obolix ?

16/08/2012 22:43

the best place over all is at 25 meters from soil, so the obolix stands in the ionic sheet of the atmosphere


it electrizes the metal wires and makes the obolix work much better


and allways think that it is the prismed rays that can shine very far around, sunlight powered, as long they find a reflecting surface they will contnue their path through the skies and liberate the water moleules, the obolix are like little stars you place and help the waters to renew themselves.


so media towers, buildings on TV antennas, cathedrals and churches, house roofs etc


to place them in trees is less recommended because many priesmed rays will be stopped by the leaves of the tree and you can strangle the branches so one day either the branch will fall off or the obolix


otherwise, if you cannot find such a height, place your obolix on bamboos, also a very effective way of placing them to shine