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why do we not hear about obolix on main medias ?

16/08/2012 22:59

because EDIPRESSE is a Rothschild propriety (weapon producers) and all medias are EDIPRESSE and they want you to believe in the climate warming because they want your monney in carbon tax

know that the BBC and Hollywood IMMEDIATELY jumped on the obolix and use it since the first presntation videos of Ea... never saying they use it, simply to banalize quickly the incredible skies appearing everywhere and the colors regained and to shut off the knowledge we have now a tool to clean the smog and that waters will be cleaned SURELY with time

we also could liberate the waters of Mars, trapped in the dust its atmosphere carries... perhaps they llready try with the last robot brought over there... who knows...

anyway, know that in fench "car bonne" means "because it is good" ... 

for them

because otherwise it serves the common wealth's depopulation agenda and their sublime way of protecting humanity... "man pollutes so let's kill man"  



the obolix is more effective ;)