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why you do not call them simply "crystals" but obolix ?

16/08/2012 22:49

because the prisemd rays of the crystals need to be magnetized as they are cut off from their natural base which was connected to the earth's magnetism.


the three nobel metals (gold, silver, copper) replace that natural base and Ea reminds us also of the harmonic code of nobel metals which was long forgotten 


as simple the tool appears it contains HUGE spiritual lessons you will explore with good attention


for the obolix are also a miniature of the main energies and first sheets of earth AND are a miniature of the basic energetical components that builded YOU  ;)


you need your seven colored shakras to stand there as a human being, the crystal reminds us of the wonderfull powers of the light that builded us all


and their high intelligence is shown by the incredible cleaning effects on our atmosphere