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03/05/2018 11:57

fourth generation of obolix


they work miracles and you can place gems or even plastic gems on these reflectors, their ights will be magnified magnetised too, little clearing stations,  anti pollution batteries they are now. Here an amethyst and a himalayan quartz cristal sending the heavens lights through space and here a calcite cristal-

Allready observed ray colours for their constant same effects.

Pure white prisms clean heavy metals in the air

Yellow acts like an opener to the sun, it just diggs into the clouds to the sun

Blue rays help the cloud fprmation and call the rain

violet rays purify the gazes and help the clouds assemble in marvelous alive and pure water dragons

this is non-governmental research and not financed by anyone, a little donation would help your servant

Or you may buy my books, be it the last one that will show you the red string of hisory that was constantl erased.

Children of the Ages, the hard cover copy is worth the penny.