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03/05/2018 11:57


fourth generation of obolix   they work miracles and you can place gems or even plastic gems on these reflectors, their ights will be magnified magnetised too, little clearing stations,  anti pollution batteries they are now. Here an amethyst and a himalayan quartz cristal sending the heavens lights through space and here a calcite cristal- Allready observed ray colours for their constant same effects. Pure white prisms clean heavy metals in the air Yellow acts like an opener to the sun, it just diggs into the clouds to the sun Blue rays help the cloud fprmation and call the rain violet rays purify the gazes and help the clouds assemble in marvelous alive and pure water dragons this is non-governmental research and not financed by anyone, a little donation would help your servant Or you may buy my books, be it the last one that will show you the red string of hisory that was constantl erased. Children of the Ages, the hard cover copy is worth the...


04/04/2018 00:10


!!! ADD MAGNETS TO YOUR OBOLIX !!! new wonders added magnetism brings   being suddenly so self evident the magnets should have been added to the composition of the obolix since the beginning ;)   funny how the obolixe's life does evolve also, the magnets are really useful now as we get higher concentrations even of chemical bombardments   adding magnetism to the prismed rays does two things   1.  use not magnetism from the soil as it has magnetism allready at disposal   2.makes the obolix MUCH better work when it is humid and the prismed rays do not reach as high altitudes, the added magnetism does   spread the news please, as the attacks are rehanced the obolix gets a 4th phase being empowered by magnets added   !!! PUT MAGNETS ON YOUR OBOLIX !!! Ea - April 2018


18/12/2017 13:34

orgone pearl

Here now a new tool that will prove itself not only very powerful but practical for your pocket to keep with you   the principle used is the precise opposite then the obolix that opens up the white light into it's seven healing rays   the orgone pearl and it's sacred geometries canalize ALL the enrgies present in a space and bind them together and thus bring them back to their primal source, ocean of compassion. th orgone pearls are powerful, be careful what you put into them   most powerful are they apparently just in clay, the more materials you put into them will place a "signture" to the currents bundled, you see ? we can apply orgone pearls to medecine placing herbs into different orgone pearls so the plants can bring their structured energies into the fields created   they are really agreable to make and the decorations will also play thrir part in the energy fields bundled   discover the new tool and how to use it on youtube :  Ea's orgone...


20/11/2017 12:19

the QIAO tool

November 2017, the QIAO just appeared   two objects combined, a taurus and a cone together as they should be. Perfect symbol for balance between the sexes and their complementarity. The object needed a name. Qiao means bridge as well as junction or affective link. The qiao is a earth-heaven bridge. I feel it as soothing and apeasing, but alsothat it generates some harmonic energies bringing earth's magnetism to join with the heaven's magnetisms and lights. Qiao also means in chinese leaked or elevated so the word was overall indicated. Many experiments we will be able to do with that tool and toinderstand exactly what it provides us. To do them in orgonite or granit or explore orgonite-way made qiao with clay, mixing elements or clean and plain clay feels good.   On their taurus to inscribe prayers or wishes or constructive words could be made, or simply explore the sacred geometries and if you feel your qiaos differently   great ones in piézoelectric granit certainly...


08/11/2017 09:18

A Dream Come True

SOUND PRIMAL VER experiment   A long held dear a dream for me since ages and that only finally coulod appear this year. The synthesis of all musics left behind to the tribes so we could gather them one happy day and they could see they never had been separate   The gathering constantly hijacked by all the same glorious constantine the slug emperor who forced his face unto the redeemer in ano 600 at the Nicea council and established the bible version you now still know, th christians most ferocious butcher who forced his dement face unto the teacher the first christians called Kristos in ancient greek, the anointed by the Law of Life, Isa was his name and still remained in the muslim Quran. Logos, consciousness, kristos : seven scales for seven lights, seven qualities for a balanced spirit and a dignified human being. The progressions and evolutions of the musics we can see and hear together now, a new dimension for music I...


08/11/2017 09:10


A new site I have made for your videos and all presentation ones, on wordpress it is bedded in. Here click on this adress   the first one the satan my indignous son had made just to try to stop the enchantment and finally destroy our world map, like he did with our world and psyche since seven thousand years   learn the story of how his psyche got dement and sadistic and how we got plunged in hell around seven thousand yeas ago  in CHildren of the Ages  (Ea:Lusor Joculator Basiliensis, ebook free)  


18/11/2016 23:47

the poor's obolix

We know that in some places people do not even can afford to buy a cristal and will for this renounce trying to make an obolix   but remember if it get out of your attention that our friend Dumuzi in Chicago made his first obolix with a diamond shaped glass and it worked perfectly   you may thus use pieces of glass of white bottles and even if you roll only iron around it a simplified obolix you will have made and it's magnetised prismed rays will still help   try to brake the glass in elongated forms so it is parent to a cristal form   Glass is made of sand melted with lead and sand is made mostly of quartz, mountain rocks crushed in the rivers to always smaller bits and to be afined completely in the oceans and strand under your feet   that is why a glass obolix works as effectively as a cristal, glass IS quartz cristal, but you need the cutted edges so it's prismed rays get outside the glass piece     or even you could find that green glass or...


03/11/2016 19:44

good spots and intent

I guess I said this long ago, but as a reminder it is quite crucial because it has to do with what the cristals tell themselves as free creatures. We have only taken them out of their natural habitat, they had decided to exist in acccord with the Law of Life and the Love of the creator, we do not own them. Perhaps we got so accustomed to possess things because we must buy them and then we remember the effort it took us qo aquire. Let us look at how that strange alienation happened and we go back to the cristals. Once there were no goods, because everything was shared, for survival, health and fun. Then some lazy freaks arrived with a very cool god at their side and they proposed you to exchange your goods against some piece of uneatable gold. And you found the gold beoutiful so you agreed, but you did not realize that you just had accepted to transform all living beings in "buyable goods". The funnyboys immediately enlarged your stupidity in mobile and immobile goods, so now even...


05/08/2015 09:40


yes as the corrput media have engaged armies to erase any picture of ancient smog in the cities   even renumerising ancient movies !! placing obolixed skies everywhere so the children may not know what is happening and what a good news for rebirthing earth IS we call now for people to see if they still have some pictures of what the smog was   and please send them to       S?IL VOUS PLAIT, VOICI UN APPEL POUR RETROUVER DE VIEILLES PHOTOS QUI NOUS MONTRENT ENCORE CE QUE LE SMOG ETAIT   oui car les merdias s'échinent à effacer toute trace d'images de ce que la pollution atmosphérique était !!   ils ont apparemment même engagé une armada de couillons pour placer des ciels obolixés dans TOUS les vieux films !! ABERRANT   alors si dans vos archives ou vielles photos d'autrefois vous avez encore des images qui nous montrent ce que furent les ciels pollués outrancièrement et que nous avions toujours respiré et devant les yeux...


27/06/2015 09:58

longetivity of prismed rays

hello folks. Now this is exciting a view i got about the longetivity of the prismed rays   because you could think you place your obolix and the prismed rays moving fast at light speed and powered with sunlight they spread from your cristal to the heavens. OK. Then we thought the prismed rays move accordingly with the sun moving in the sky. like a back panel that brushes the geography. All right. Sunlight powered the prismed rays continue their path as long they find a reflecting surface to move on, none can know exactly how far the prismed rays are allowed to move like this, the higher placed the further. We éearned also that humidity splitts thm and stops their progression through space.   But now I saw something which is as fun to apply, especially to explain to your kids they will LOVE IT !!   You like playing magicians with a wooden stick and say abracadabra I know, you have been fed by the stupidities of the media sorcerers   so now look.   The prismed...


23/02/2015 20:57


you can now find all base presentation videos of the tool on VIMEO   the channel is simply called OBOLIX   please film while there STILL ARE chemtrails in places to see  ;)   I should have filmed in Rome when the city was CEPIA COLORED so much it was polluted, the children will never believe what we are witnessing as the medias make complete black out of the happening, but it was my last test you see and I had so much the habit of just running under the chemtrails to place obolix in fight against the heavy loads we recieved that I DID NOT EVEN THINK OF IT YET   I actually wanted to go walk through cities to show the tool   then came the chestnut needles accident   four years I am walking through this needle cloud taking them off one per one   the terrible pains would just nail me again on that place where the nice surrounding plagues me since fourteen years  ;)   still come for tourism because they like to show off like touaregs...


12/10/2012 03:45

Amethyst wonders

New materials being chemtrailed, fluffy white stuff some say it is phosgene gaz... a horror   leaving our cleaned skies again under toxic mud   12 planes a minute certain days here   the quartz obolix do clean these new materials, but slowly   amethyst obolix come to rescue ;)  it works, as they awoke the obviously living water dragons for us to see   you may paint them flat in your mind and call them "clouds" while they soar above our head, white shining, pure as a mountain source, joyfull as freed beings   but water is intelligent we learned, giving us our conscience, so are the clouds   and the amethyst obolix reveals itself capable of dislodging these new materials   use very transparent ones so they may produce clear prismed rays   an entire other range of colors then the ones produced by the quartz   see "endless waters" on youtube to see what the different crystals do with a single...


23/09/2012 22:23

new materials bombarded ?

it seems to me that new materials, better holding n the light of prismed rays are chemmed in latter days   some fluffy stuff the obolix cleans but only in a many hours   anyone has news about such new materials bombarded ?   would be cool to say so if we need to run again against new plagues put on us   but for this to happen I would need the components chemmed now   yes fluffy white disgusting stuff, reaczing differently to the obolix, they become like wool and are dislodged but VERY slowly   and for the time being i lemanci regions there are not enough obolix to counter these new attacks   at a rate of nearly 12 bombers a MINUTE !!!   a sheer WONDER now that sooo many people still do not see what is done to them   please take contact with me if you have any news on these new materials being sprayed on our heads


22/09/2012 02:02

it is a BATTLE in our skies

I urge all to make new obolix and not to stand in doubt when seeing your skies sometimes cover themselves up with the sinister chemicals bombarded on us each day nearly at a rate of 12 flying spitters a MINUTE it happen also Gilles wanted to explain to us that the magnetism of earth changes all the time and levels of vibrations are rising this we all know   it brings not constant uprising but stadiums to dwell on   when the vibrations change the crystals adjust he says and it might be   what I see is that you need three days for the obolix to form a complete pattern of prismed rays with the landscape  before they work to their complete extend, which sunpowered and as long the ray find reflecting surfaces they move on   we have brought the obolix now nearly everywhere it seems, anywhere where people will be intelligent enough to think about their own future and children, to ;)   the two obolix at 4000 meters were taken...


05/09/2012 02:09


just thought that I did never mention this, very foolish of me. As we see that plaCed at 25 meters from soil THE OBOLIX ARE THE MOST EFFECTIVE you must be ABSOLUTELY SURE YOUR OBOLIX IS GOOD ANCHORED, FIXED, THAT NOTHING CAN MAKE IT MOVE FROM THE SPOT   that strong winds cannot blow them away    So be sure NEVER to forget to anchor your obolix, wherever you place them for yours and anyone's safety treat the elements with respect, the obolix is not a toy but a precious tool   a home that yields the strongest powers that all lie in utter tenderness and softness   here see their atomic being and the movements of the electrons that keep their bodies forms   the obolix will trach you many things if you care to know yourself at the doorstep of an entirely new view on the prismed rays   they have a function,magnetized they alive the sky, better said the atmosphere, they are obviously able to separate the elements that would...


21/08/2012 23:48

thunder and rain

two weeks long we had no rain... heavy and brutal bombardments of chemtrails, even at night sometimes I had taken off the aluminium of all my big obolixes since that time   one week that the marvelous colors would fade and the smog linger again everywhere the sky was becoming bleak and poisonous again I wondered   so today evening I just replaced the aluminium on the great obolix...   THUNDER APPEARED 15 MINUTES AFTER I REPLACED THE ALUMINIUM AND NOW IT RAINS !!   I have learned that there are NEVER coincidences, everything happens for a reason and now the sky cleans itself with thunder and rain and again really operating obolix   now I have no doubt anymore, the great obolix need the aluminium and the base metal sheet to protect the harmonic code of nobel metals  


21/08/2012 23:24

dilemna about aluminium

first the construction of the obolix was based on the five fingers of the hand gold, silver, copper, aluminium and base metal are the main components of earth the crystal mirroring the heart of earth and the heart of all beings   the harmonic code of noble metals stands also for the tripartite constitution of human form   gold for mental - sound M, silver for emotional level - sound O and copper for vegetative system and sound A   MOA - AOM as sacred sound even the sun and elephants sing  ;)     then came doubts and voices uttering aluminium is very bad for health and the vibration of the obolix was bad for health   now i see further about this topic as I tried to get all aluminium away from my big obolixes   a long week we had smog and the beautifull colors disappeared only from 4000 meters HUGE cumulo nimbus wold appear and fade again in the toxic MUD of smog   also very hard chem bombardments over...


17/07/2012 00:00

obolix at 4000 meters

two months now that we brought two obolix in orgonite bases included at 4000 meters in the alps   I will not tell you where, but they shine incredibly since two months now   cleaning in high altitude and showing us new precious insights   w can watch nw that the obolix may clean on certainlayers of the atmosphere   now we gained more sky height !! so when clouds appear they drift free much higher now   sometimes it is underneath that smog left by che,trails would stay, the water dragons drown in mud and trying to keep the heads out of the toxic masses this was on a day I had enteref all my three deep cleaners, together with these in the alps they form a bridge of prismed rays   and now the skies are just an amzing SPECTACLE all the time   By asking far off if any changes occured the news is that the rays from 4000 meters reach far after Tours in France and reach out to the atlantic over "les Landes" western...


09/05/2012 23:52

Free the waters on Mars

as the prismed rays of the obolix are able to restore the climates and bring fresh rain by separatg the water molecules form dust and dirt, we CAN bring water back on mars, or what is eft of it that it renews itself   anyone of NASA thinking of it ? any other space angency ?   would be cool as our planet still can bear many more humans.... better than killing everybody to make place, let's MAKE a new living place out of the red planet   terraforming Mars would be such a wonderfull endeaveor for ALL and would push us to understand all the fragile ballances life needs to bring expression to the spirit of truth and Love's creatures


09/05/2012 23:18

british media thieves

The bristish media, immediately, when I sended out the first videos of presentation of the new tool, in autumn 2010, tried and used the obolix since then   they never said anything about the discovery, leaving masses to the lobotomy of the weapon producers   but on the whole globe the obolix is now used   the smog is nearly a thing of the past on this world   but they continue to vomit their stupid warming theory that has been outruled since long, just to finance the depopulation agenda that stays as sole and unique "vision" for the future of humanity   we do not thank them for their wonderfull images they have robbed from life itself leaving their souls to darkness as they leave the obolix in unconsciousness of the masses   we wish and pray they recover dignity   and tell the children about the end of the smog on earth and the prodigious tool that was given them freely   that does not mean they do not have to...


10/11/2011 00:00

new ways

A wonderfull idea just emerged from our friend Dumuzi in Chicago... absolutely great his psirit cought it in the waters themselves, they have jumped to his brain lo this winter we will try to make huge obolix in... ICE OF COURSE the most obvious mostly needs years and years for us to see lolol allways actually ;) we will try to melt them to crystal-shape them with small blowtorches like the anunaki made it with the stone or other experiments... like making forms that could receive water and be freezed this will be astounding !! Great !! thank you again Dumuzi  because we will learn a lot  ;) and OF COURSE IT WILL WORK !! absolutely great but  it will have to be absolutely transparent to work ice is indeed   Ea   here his mail Actually I was planning on forging an Obolix crystal of ice when winter came, as an experiment and see it if would work, perhaps "Ice Obolixes" will be a thing of the winter.......


03/11/2011 00:00

try in Fukushima !!

I observed that the prismed rays of the different crystals are not the same   it seems naïve a statement, but actually I have never heard anyone say this  ;)   but as the quartz gives forth a prefect range of colours, lets say the basic range of the six primary colours in the birghtest way there is, the smoked crystals emit another range of rays. These are much more funky colours really :)) like happy pinks and lemon-greens in large varietys.   it seems like a childish game in fact I agree , whenever we forget that NOTHING in nature exists without a cause and a deep sense   and when I say nature I mean the before-existing nature than the appearance of the babylonian machine that teaches death is  more viable then life. very strange when you really think about it. Any way you want, you are free, that is not the question here.   i learned from an elder crystal searcher in the alps that the smoked ones, the brown ones, take their...


20/09/2011 02:58

prismed rays

We know not much of prismed rays   actually we know nothing at all and it is quite a discovery to see the frequence they contain for the quartz obolix to be able to restore the natural climate when it comes out of balance   its frequence is the precise arc of colours that the water prisms too, same spirit, same intent   thunder, snow, waves and rainbows, all possible ways for water to clean herself in the air   so we see, so we testify   the amethysts probably clean in the ultra violet and the citrine int he infra red, so to cover the whole range of frequency but what do we know about their precise functions in the light and in nature ?   does the sunlight interract with the ozone ? yes   does the sunlight come to the obolix to get out as prismed rays loaded by earth's magnetism and do they interract with the ozone as it is known ozone battles all toxins ?   all rests to be explored, we see the obolix...